Servicing the Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastic Card and Automotive sectors, we offer a wide range of ribbons for various printing technologies including:- Tec, Sato, Datamax/Novexx, Javellin, Intermec, ICE, Merlin, Citizen and Astromed (and many more).

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TEXTILE RESIN (Flat Print-Head)

Special resin quality designed for printing onto textile care labels. Produces high quality prints on Polyamide, Polyester, Polyester Satin, etc. Shows a high resistance to washing and ironing.

RESIN (Near/Corner Edge Print-Head)

Excellent quality print with correspondingly good smudge and scratch resistance. Exceptional resistance to chemicals such as industrial alcohols, oils and kerosene. Works on Tec printers with a transmissive sensor.

TEXTILE RESIN (Flat Print-Head)

A premium resin quality specifically designed for use on textiles. It produces excellent quality prints in care label applications, which can easily withstand washing, ironing, dry cleaning and bleach. Versatile enough to work exceptionally well on synthetic film substrates such as polyethylene and PVC. Excellent durability to chemicals such as methylated spirits and petrol.

(Flat Print-Head) - Card Printing

High quality pure resin grade, designed specifically for use on ID card printers. It uses patented technology to produce exceptionally durable image onto PVC.

RESIN (Flat Print-Head)

High quality grade used in a wide range of industries. High density prints from flat head printers show excellent scratch and smudge resistance. It also has excellent resistance to chemicals such as IPA, industrial alcohols, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, etc. The patented, static dissipative ink layer, coupled with antistatic additives in the back coating, extend the useful life of the print head.

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