Servicing the Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastic Card and Automotive sectors, we offer a wide range of ribbons for various printing technologies including:- Tec, Sato, Datamax/Novexx, Javellin, Intermec, ICE, Merlin, Citizen and Astromed (and many more).

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WAX-RESIN (Flat Print-Head)

High quality formulation suitable for use on label facestocks ranging from paper to synthetics. Shows excellent scratch, smudge and chemical resistance.

WAX-RESIN (Near/Corner Edge Print-Head)

Superior print quality on a wide range of label stocks. High degree of resistance to chemicals such as antifreeze and methanol, as well as a scratch and smudge resistance of a high quality. The coating is specially formulated to work in a transmissive mode. Low energy, with an ink coating that dissipates static.

WAX-RESIN (Flat Print-Head)

Premium quality grade designed for used on in line packaging printers. Accredited for use within the food industry by ISEGA. Excellent print quality with all types of barcodes. The high intensity print uses patented technology and shows excellent smudge and scratch resistance. Shows exceptional resistance to animal oil and vegetable oil, as well as industrial alcohols such as methanol and IPA. The static dissipative ink coating makes it safe to use at higher print speeds.

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